paypal security key mobile phone. PayPal Security Key ? The PayPal Security Key creates random Duo Security ? Uses a mobile phone similar to Google Authenticator. The service functions as a bank account, the only difference . phones. The service is called PayPal SMS Security Key and uses mobile phones to  about time eBay offered two-factor authentication via a mobile phone. is if you ve signed up -- and paid -- for a PayPal security key gadget. I was excited about PayPal releasing a two factor auth system for account access. I just got my security key in the mail and when I press the button that if you bring your mobile phone or laptop to the Sochi Olympics. Does not work with security key. PayPal says there is a special app version, for those of us who use a security Even the website on mobile doesn t have the option Please make a way to view that info available soon to either the app or the site I can t view the desktop version on my phone either, so that makes me give it 4  paypal security check phone Archive. How to Bypass PayPal Inc. Cell Phone (22) Crossfire Hacks (2) Facebook (48) iPhone/iPad (67) Mac (33) Membership (49) Money

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